Our shop rate is $80 / hr.

A full service including oil and filter change, checking all fluid and oil levels, lubing the chain, checking tire pressures, adjusting clutch and brakes usually runs about $120 (depending on how much oil/etc is needed, what else I find, etc). Rate applies to both bikes and ATVs.

About tires, don’t assume you’re saving a lot of money by buying them online. Check with me — most of the time there’s not a lot of difference between us and them. We will change tires you bought online, but charge a little more to do it. The other thing to be aware of is some of the online tires are old stock that they’ve bought cheap. All street tires have a build-date code on them. I’ve seen “new” tires bought online come in here that were five years old.

Tire mount and balance pricing:

The cost for a tire change depends on the bike. Some new bikes require extra work, however I can usually do a front for about $50, and a rear for about $60–$70. Some bikes are quicker and cheaper, while some bikes (especially touring bikes and some cruisers) take a little more time.

If you can pull your own wheels, I’ll change and balance for $30 each for tires bought through us. If you buy elsewhere, it’s $35 each.

$5 each tire disposal fee.